4Ever Coffee

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1lb bags-2.jpg

4Ever Coffee


Brew your own Cafe Lift selected beans! 4Ever Coffee is hand selected by Cafe Lift to reflect the roasts we love!

These bags are whole bean - ask to have it ground (for drip, espresso, french press, etc) and we’ll ship it to you how you prefer to enjoy it!

Tasting Notes:

  • R65 - optimized for drip - Sweet, bright & full bodied. Notes of caramel, bakers chocolate & dried fruit.

  • E45 - optimized for espresso - Smokey-sweet & deep plum finish. Well balanced acidity & body come through as a straight espresso or in a milk based drink.

  • PO55 - optimized for pour over - Winey, citrus & molasses. Berry fragrance, silky smooth body & creamy finish.

  • D65 - optimized for decaf - A classic decaf. Well rounded cup with a balanced character of acidity & depth. Clean, crisp & sweet.

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